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From my profile:
Born and raised in Mississippi, I'm just a Southern girl who has fallen in love with her hair. I am a daughter, mother, wife, and teacher. My hobbies include reading, playing video games, playing fantasy football, and blogging. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family. I'm pretty laid back, down-to-earth, and low-maintenance.

The Real Deal:
I have recently become a natural hair fanatic.  Anything dealing with natural hair interests me.  I live on youtube, blogs, forums, and various natural hair websites.  I'm always looking for new information.  And I'm always trying to share any information I've learned with anybody who will listen.  I've worn every style but weaves or wigs.  That includes relaxers (short and long hair), braids, afros (big and small), and even locs.  I enjoy trying new styles on myself and others.  I hope you enjoy sharing in my nappy journey here and on my loc blog Honey Dipped Locs.

Thanks for reading.  Be blessed.