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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Single strand knots

Single strand knots will be the death of me and my hair. I can't stand them and I have them everywhere! The last 2 1/2 inches of my hair feel (and look) like crap. I'm tempted to cut it off. (Total length of my hair averages about 7 1/2 inches). But I don't want to cut it off only for my hair to still feel the same way. It feels fuzzy and rough and I don't like it. :(

The whole situation makes me want to lock my hair back up. The knots won't matter cuz it will all be locked anyway.  Maybe I'll grow my hair out for the rest of the year, then do a mini chop if I can wait that long.

Any suggestions?

Til next time, thanks for reading. Be blessed.

Bantu knot out

I just knew this style would be a fail. Boy, was I wrong!?
I let the bantu knots dry for almost 48 hours. It didn't take that long for my hair to dry, I just didn't have anywhere to go so I didn't see the point in taking them down.
Anyway,  to achieve this style, I twisted the knots with my aloe vera gel/shea butter mix and let them dry.  I untwisted the knots, separated, and fluffed. Apply head band and you're done!
Check out the pics. . .
Til next time, thanks for reading. Be blessed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying a new style: bantu knot

I watched a youtube video the other day by br0nzeqt that I decided to try out today.  It was called bantu knot out. Well I haven't seen the results of the 'out' part yet but I wanted to show you what the bantu knots look like.
I'm not sure how this is going to turn out because I did mine on freshly washed hair that was wet and she did hers on damp hair (she sprayed dry hair with a spray bottle). When my hair is fully dry, I will take down and post pics.
And yes, I wore this style out to the store.
What do u think so far?
Stay tuned for the 'out' part soon.
Til next time, thanks for reading. Be blessed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anniversary style revisited

I HAD to wash and condition my hair yesterday. It was well overdue and the mini twists had to go before they locked.  Instead of redoing the twists like I initially planned, I decided to revisit the style I wore for my wedding anniversary back in December.  I changed it up a little but it came out ok.
What do u think?

Til next time, thanks for reading. Be blessed.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can't let the fro go

*(Originally should have been posted on 5/22/2011.  I think this was when Blogger was having issues.)*

Every time I think I'm going to try a new style, a protective style, I fall in love with my fro all over again. And don't let me get a new head band. It has to be worn immediately!
I think I'm going to do a twist style for this last week of school. But if I get tired after I shampoo and detangle today, then fro it will be.  I have plenty of head bands to use!

Future posts:
Head band collection
BFF update: Kenya 100% natural
New natural: Yvette (my cousin)
Updated regimen

So stay tuned for more frequent posts here and on Honey Dipped Locs.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.

My Collection of Headbands (Lots of pics)

Headbands have become my favorite 'go to' hair accessory  lately.  I have collected a nice assortment over the past 6 months.  I never wore any decorative headbands while I was locked (I don't know why and I wish now that I would have) but now you will see me with one almost every day.  I change them up depending on my mood and/or attire.  Here's what I've collected so far:

 These were purchased from the local beauty supply store for about $3 each.

My mom gave me this for Christmas. I think she got it from the Bahamas.
I wore it to a Black History program at school.

This one is my favorite. I got this from Cato Fashions for about $5.

This was in my Mothers Day basket from my son. :)

I purchased this in the Newark Airport (NJ) last month when I visited my family there.  It's made from candy wrappers by people in Mexico.  The black/white design is actually the bar codes from the wrappers.

 And it's reversible!  This side shows the nutrition facts from the wrapper.  Pretty awesome, huh?  This band was $15 and can be found online.  Just google cander wrapper headband (or accessories).  There are purses, wallets, bracelets, and keychains available.

This is one piece. It has an elastic band in the back.
Local beauty supply, $3.

Gift from mom.  Butterflies, flowers, and rhinestones.

 These both came from Claire's Boutique.
They were having a bogo sale on accessories at the time.
I love the peace one and ended up buying some peace earrings a week later.
The other one has glitter on it.

These are also from Claire's.
The brown one is a beaded elastic band.
The silver one reminds me of a disco ball.  The pic doesn't do it justice.

So as you can see, I have collected quite a few headbands.  And you can also see that I wear them with different styles.  I have to stop myself from buying a new one every time I go to a store with a hair section.  LOL.  Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my collection.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.