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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fro-motions and Re-fro-actions

So my hair has been loose for a week now.  And an interesting week it has been.  First, I didn't initially expect to be done already but I'm SO happy I am!!  I am in love with my hair!  Unfortunately, not every one else is.


My husband and kids like it.  My son can't keep his hands out of my fro!!
Coworkers have said nice things:
*Ms. P, your hair looks nice!*
*Ms. P, I love your fro!

Some students, mostly boys, are not as complimentary:
*Ms. P, what have you done to your hair?! (Do you like it?) NO!!
More than one student said that.  LOL!!

My parents have been even worse:
Me: So Ma, what do you think of my hair?
Mom: It's um. . . (shaking her head)
Me: (stupid grin on my face)

Me: Daddy, you haven't said what you think of my hair.
Daddy: It looks like a raggedy eraser!
Me: (stupid grin on my face)
WOW!! Thanks for your support guys.  Now mind you, my mom has a short salt and pepper fro herself.  She talks about nappy hair like it's a bad thing.  And my dad has worn a fro ALL his life.  As a matter of fact, their fros match!!

Aren't they cute?
Yeah, well they aren't as nice as they look!

A few days later with a new style:

Mom: (before I can get inside the house good) What have you done to your hair now? (Mom touching and looking)
Me: You don't like it?
Mom: It's alright.
Me: Daddy, what do you think?
Dad: It looks like it hasn't been combed
Mom: No, it actually looks combed.
Dad: And it looks dry.
Me: (same stupid grin)
WTH yall?!  I had no words.  I just started another conversation.  I'm not sure what their problem is but at  this point, I don't care.  I've always been a non-conformist and they have never really liked  it too much. Oh well.  They're just haters!


I thought I would miss my locs.  I didn't think I was going to like my hair loose.  I was WRONG on both counts!! I'm not missing my locs and I LOVE my loose hair.  I LOVE playing in it.  I LOVE talking about it.  I LOVE taking pictures and sending them to everyone.  Who knows, I might keep my hair loose longer than I had planned.  Maintenance is not really a big deal.  I don't have to get up any earlier (just get up on time) and it's not a lot of work to prepare at night.  Right now, it's AWESOME!!   It's the perfect length and the perfect texture.  Can you tell I'm in love?

Til next time, thanks for reading.  I hope you're enjoying the new blog.  Be blessed.

*Disclaimer:  I hope I didn't paint a negative picture of my parents.  They have been very supportive with major decisions in my life, like having a baby at 20, divorcing and remarrying, and becoming a teacher. They just tend not to support less important decisions (to them) that express my individuality, like my locs, nose piercing, and tattoos.  But they're great parents. :)* 


  1. Nice that you have a seperate blog for your loose naps! Does that mean that we should follow this blog until you decide to have locs again? Glad you are LOVING your hair (who cares what everyone else thinks...). hehehe.

  2. @Nessa: Yes, please follow this new blog. But stay with the old one too because I think I will still talk about locs and update you on my husband and son and anything else that comes up. It just won't be as often.

  3. I love this style and I know the video you got it from. I was gonna try it but no such luck dreads :-(

    I think it'll be beautiful for a wedding with some decorative hair pins added.