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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Anniversary style update

I took out the twists in the front and this is what it looked like:

It doesn't look bad but this is not what I was looking for.  I wore it out anyway cuz I really didn't have time to twist it back up.  I wasn't tripping cuz I was still cute and hubby liked it.  As soon as I got home, I twisted the front back up.

I want the twists to have a curl to it so I decided to bantu knot them.  Hopefully, they look like something tomorrow.  I've decided to leave the flat twists in the back in for at least a week.  I'll change the front until I find something I like.  ;)

*Updated 12/30*

I took out the bantu knots in the front but left it twisted.  The curls were too tight for my liking so this is what I did:

I swooped the curls to the side.  I pinned them down so they wouldn't be all over the place.

I liked the outcome.
I wore it out on a lunch date with my boo. :)

*Updated 12/31*

Now y'all know I couldn't keep my hands out of my hair and tried something else with the front. The back is still intact.

I'm really feeling this 80's look. (My favorite decade by the way).

Not really feeling how how spaced out the flat twists are but this a work in progress.

I think I'm going to leave my hair alone until next week.  LOL.  We'll see how long I can actually do that. 

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.

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