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Friday, December 31, 2010

What I've learned in 2010

This year I have become extremely obsessed with my hair.  I've been natural for 7.5 years and have never  been 'into' my hair like I've been since January.  I've scoured youtube videos, blogs, forums, and websites religiously.  I've gained a wealth of knowledge from all my 'research.'  So this is what I've learned about myself and my hair this year.

1. I love my hair.

Locs. . .

and 'fro.

2. My hair is not like any other's hair.  We may have the same texture or the same length and I can try all the styles and products just like you but I am almost always guaranteed a different result.  I love that though!

3.  I really don't mind taking time to do my hair, as long as I'm in the mood.  And I don't have to do my hair if I don't feel like it either.  I love that too!  At the same time, I can't do just anything or everything (or nothing) to my hair and/or scalp without consequences.  Too much or too little of anything leads to disaster.

4.  I love making my own stuff, whether it's hair products or hair accessories.  That's where my creativity comes in. I've made hair gels and hair/body creams, and loc ties as well.  I want to do headbands and hair pins in the future.

5.  My hair really is an extension of my personality and individuality.  Not too many ladies around here are rocking locs or fros so I love that I don't conform to what everybody else is doing.  And even though I look to others for ideas/advice, they are just a springboard for my own creativity.

So as you can see,

What have you learned about your hair (and yourself) this year?

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.  Happy New Year!!


  1. That I just am not able to love my hair.That's what I've learnt LOL. I don't hate it, I just don't think it's beautiful.Meanwhile, I LOVE everyone else's napps and locs, go figure.

  2. @Thandi: The love for your hair will come. I don't love my hair every day (like today) but for the most part, it's all good. Just give it time.
    Thanks for stopping by.