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Friday, December 24, 2010

Coil Out and Hair Cut

So I couldn't wait til Christmas to take the coils out because I wanted to see the effects of my haircut (more on that later).  I'm glad I took them out last night because I didn't like it til this morning.  The day after is always better.  If I had waited til Christmas morning like I had planned, I would have been upset about my hair.  Anyway, here's how it turned out:

I like it and I think I will wear this style this winter while my hair grows out. 

About the hair cut.  The haircut was not necessarily by choice.  I found a ton of split ends while playing in my hair the other day.  I was so devastated because I knew there is only one way to get rid of them.  I knew that I had to cut it.  I was even more upset because I just trimmed my hair 2 weeks ago.  My BFF said it was probably the color that caused the ends to split.  Who knows?  I just know that I want healthy hair.  And longer hair would be nice too.  So I did another length check:

 Two weeks ago.  Today.

 Two weeks ago.  Today.

Two weeks ago.  Today.

I guess the top is the only place you can see a real difference
but I swear I can see a bigger difference all over.

I plan to make a trip to a barbershop to get the fro shaped up more.
I'm really not feeling the shape right now and I really just wanna cut it all off. 
I'm just frustrated.
Hopefully after the shape up, I won't have to cut it other than to trim it. 
We shall see.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.  Merry Christmas!!

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