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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fab 'Fro Day!!

Yesterday, I had a fabulous 'fro day!!  I achieved 'second day hair' on the first day after a wash.  It was awesome!

My fabulous day was attributed to
my new glasses,
my new headband,
and my new leave in conditioner.

I didn't wash on Sunday because I really didn't feel like it.  I wore my hair pinned up but it was starting to look ragged so I took it down and shampooed Tuesday night.  I normally would not have done that during the work week but I really wanted to try my new leave in conditioner.  I bought some Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner that my BFF has been talking about.  I wasn't using a leave in before but I figured I needed one.

So I shampooed with my usual Suave shampoo but I did not use the tingling conditioner afterwards (it was late and I didn't feel like letting it sit for 30 min-hour).  I used the Cantu leave in and my shea butter cream and twisted my hair into 10 big twists.  The result was soft, fluffy hair the next morning.  I'm happy with the way it came out.

My latest obsession is hair accessories.  I've said before that I don't think I will be a product junkie because I can make my own stuff.  But I am becoming an accessory junkie.  I've been to the beauty supply store 4 times in the past week.  Just ridiculous!  But you gotta love my new headbands.

I have a black one too. LOL!
(Look at that puffy 'fro.  Simply fabulous!!)

I saw the blue when I went to the beauty supply store to get a flower and some earrings.  Then I saw the pink one when I went back to get a black headband to give as gifts to the ladies at work who tried to take the blue one from me.  I know, it's bad.  I got bags of stuff everywhere.  I even picked up a few boxes of hair color.   I'm not sure when I'm going to tackle that.  LOL.  It's bad y'all but I'm gonna try to stay away from the BSS.  It doesn't help that it's less than a mile from my house.  Pray for me y'all.

Til next time, thanks for reading.  Be blessed.

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